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The Privacy, Infosec, Culture, Change & Awareness Societal Organisation

We are a special interest group for professional and organisations involved in:



Data Protection

Data Protection

Information Security

Information Security

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our mission

Promoting conversations and exchange of ideas about privacy culture practice on an international platform

PICCASO is a special interest group for professionals and organisations working across the data spectrum in the fields of privacy, data protection and information security. 

A network and platform with an international outlook,  our mission is to elevate and to facilitate industry conversations & exchange on the “why” of privacy culture practice.

We focus on how good practice should be embedded into an organisation’s DNA central to privacy compliance and data strategy.

Our Values

The values that drive our mission



We strive to uplift the standards and awareness of privacy culture and data practices, raising them to new heights within organizations and the industry as a whole.


We encourage imaginative thinking and creative problem-solving, fostering a culture of generating innovative ideas and solutions in the realm of privacy, data protection, and information security.


We provoke thoughtful discussions, challenging conventional wisdom and pushing boundaries to inspire critical thinking and advance the discourse on privacy and data-related topics.


We embrace and encourage innovation, constantly seeking novel approaches, technologies, and methodologies to address the evolving challenges and opportunities in privacy, data protection, and information security.

PICCASO Community

Bringing professionals together

The PICCASO community is excited to unveil its new online community hub, open to all professionals with a passion for exploring the cutting edge, challenging, and innovative aspects of privacy, data protection, and information security.

If you are someone who approaches data critically and innovatively, with a keen interest in evaluating its impact on your organization, the economy, and society, this community hub is tailored for you, and we want to hear from you. Watch this space for the launch of the new online community hub and get ready to join us in the exploration of these important topics!

Click here to register for the NEW PICCASO Community Site!

Advisory board

Supported by experience

The Advisory Board is composed of senior executives who have distinguished themselves in the privacy, data protection, and information security sectors.  

Paul Jordan

Paul Jordan

Managing Director & Principal of Blue Motion Consulting SprL, Brussels

Steve Wright
Vivienne Artz OBE
Julia Bonder-Le Berre
Nick Graham
Graham Hunt
Kirsten Mycroft
Dr. Philipp Raether
Janine McKelvey
Feliks Voskoboynik,
Jenna Franklin