Privacy Labs

Exploring given privacy topics that are contemporary and challenging for the data community


Introducing PICCASO Privacy Labs

PICCASO is a special interest group for professionals and organisations working across the data spectrum in the fields of privacy, data protection and information security. We are a not-for-profit, led by volunteers through the PICCASO Advisory Board and others who are senior stand out leaders in privacy, data protection and information security.

Through select events, thought-leadership papers, labs and webinars, we aim to harness the knowledge and experience of experts from across the privacy, data protection, and information security domains, and to inspire, challenge, and educate our community, elevating the practice of privacy, data protection and information security maturity within organisations and across sectors.


A Community of Professionals

The PICCASO community is drawn from across the UK, Europe, and beyond and from all public and private sectors. As a community of professionals, we value the importance of exchanging ‘know how’, insights, clarity and explanation on specific privacy, data protection and information security topics focused on distinguishing between legal requirements and operational implementation, with the aim of promoting greater understanding of how to achieve optimal outcomes based on good practice and thought leadership. 

The PICCASO community is open to all professionals and organisations that have a passion for privacy, data protection and information security. If you spend a considerable amount of your time considering data and its impact on your organisation, the economy and society, then this community is for you and we want to hear from you.

Why Privacy Labs

Why the PICCASO Privacy Labs Initiative?

The PICCASO Privacy Labs initiative is focused on helping enhance our industry by providing useful, pragmatic guidelines and tools where gaps exist among the plethora of other available materials. Each Lab will form a Working Group, made up of at least five member organisations with a Chair and Vice Chair presiding to ensure the objectives and timeframes are maintained, met and delivered. The objective is to create useful deliverables within a six-month period. Each workstream Chair will be expected to hold a webinar at the end to present the results to the wider community. 

The PICCASO Admin Team will help organise and manage the logistics, the deliverables and the communications for each Lab. The format will be five member organisations and two sponsorship organisations. Each working group will meet virtually once a month and physically twice at the beginning and end of each workstream. Deliverables will be professionally edited and created to ensure that the insights and advances produced can be shared in an open, transparent and professional manner, typically through PICCASO communication channels, which will be agreed and in collaboration with the communication partners of each Lab sponsor

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Privacy Labs Objectives

Privacy Enhancing Technology (PETs)

Privacy Enhancing Technology (PETs)

The PICCASO Privacy 'PETs' Lab will produce a white paper and toolkit. The focus is on how PETs tech solutions address customer intelligence challenges, especially with tracking technologies. It aims for a tech-centric guide and tool to assist privacy experts.

Privacy Risk Assessment Methodology (PRAM)

Privacy Risk Assessment Methodology (PRAM)

The PICCASO 'PRAM' Lab is set to release a whitepaper and toolkit on privacy risk, highlighting Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Controls. By integrating an ERM framework and risk standards, it introduces a risk assessment tool. The intent is a practical guide and tool for evolving privacy risk management.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

The PICCASO Privacy 'ESG' Lab will craft a paper and toolkit, delving into the ESG-Privacy connection. The toolkit offers a mapping feature, aligning controls with laws, regulations, and best practices. The mission is to deliver an actionable guide and tool for privacy professionals.